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Our most frequent questions answered.

What kind of reach do you have on social media?

Through our partners, we can reach a maximum of 32 million users through Twitter and Instagram. Our Twitter marketing network is thirty million strong and Instagram is two million strong.

How much of your social media marketing network do you own?

Our in-house social media marketing network spans over 350,000 users. Our primary social media marketing network is influencer-driven meaning we don’t own the accounts running the advertisements, but collaborate with influential social media properties to achieve maximum outreach in the most economical manner possible.

When will my campaign begin?

Campaigns can begin as early as three to seven days depending on which social media network you choose to promote your message or product.

Are you able to target a specific niche?

Absolutely! We are able to push your message to audiences containing people that gravitate towards the message or product it is that you’re promoting. Whether it is sports, females, males, fitness, comedy, or music that you are targeting, we have the right channels to suit your needs.

Am I guaranteed to see sales and growth?

We make no guarantee that you will see immense growth or sales revenue as a result of utilizing our marketing networks. We offer a very large platform of exposure in which we can guarantee you will be seen by people with interests related to your niche.

Do you assist in creating the advertisement ran on your network?

We assist in creating compelling advertisements designed to increase conversions. Exposure to a vast audience of millions can only do so much. Creating value for the customers is where you will see results. We work to structure content in a manner that has viral appeal so that your advertisement will spread organically after we run our campaign.

How many Twitter impressions can your network produce?

We can drive a maximum of 5,000,000 impressions on content through our Twitter marketing channels.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing plans range anywhere from $200/day to $1,500/day for Twitter marketing and $50/three hours to $400/three hours for Instagram.