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Our most frequent questions answered.

What equipment is powering your server infrastructure?

Our server infrastructure is powered by 128 GB of RAM, two Intel E5-2630v3 physical high class processors and 2 TB of SoftRAID storage.

Do you own the servers?

We are partnered with IAPS Security Services and they own the servers. We coordinate with them very closely and directly to create an awesome, user-friendly web hosting experience.

What kind of bandwidth and connection speeds can I expect?

We are hosting on a gigabit network offering virtually unlimited bandwidth.

What if I'm the victim of a DDoS attack?

We have taken preventative measures to thwart distributed denial of service attacks.

Do you offer shared hosting or dedicated hosting?

We offer both!

How much storage is available for my web hosting package?

We offer a variety of storage options ranging from 1 GB to 25 GB. If more than our largest package is required, we will happily accommodate.

How much does it cost?

We bill our customers on an annual basis. We do not currently offer month-to-month service plans. Prices range from our $11/month Economy plan to our $47/month Elite plan.

Do you offer email hosting?

Yes. We offer personalized email hosting solutions.

Do your servers support WordPress hosting?

Our servers are optimized for WordPress hosting. We can host virtually any content management system you want.